Tuesday, 6 February 2007

Cold bugs here, stay away !!!

Not one person in this house has escaped the cold bug.. We have all been ill with it.. BLEE!!!
I have not slept well for the last few nights as I have either been too hot and unable to breathe or felt like my face was going to cave in with the pressure on my poor sinuses.. Both the children and my dear husband have also suffered...

Anyway moving on, I went to the school and talked about the safety issues that relate to giving 5 and 6 year olds a cricket bat to play with unsupervised and was assured by the head that this would be looked into.. Yeah Right !!!

Other than this the last few days have been quiet due to ill health.. I have decided that at the end of this month I will try and stock up the freezer with some cooking for the following month in the hope that this will make meal times a little easier.. Although I am at home throughout the day there still seems to be an endless amount of things to do and before I know what is happening I have to collect the children from school and I have no ideas when the dredded question "Whats for dinner" arrives from my 5 year olds mouth. So over the next couple of weeks I hope to gather some recipes and get sorted for a day of cooking. Wish me luck!!!

Tonight we have gymnastics to go to. We started off going on a saturday but now that we are approaching 8 we are far to big to be seen going to gymnastics in a class with 4 and 5 year olds and need to be moved on to the big girls class. This class if for the children age 8 to about 13 so we are growing up quickly, tonight is our first time in this class so now gymnastics will comence on a Tuesday night. My son can be encouraged to go with the offer of either a bacon sandwich or some sweeties from the diner whilst we wait.

I nearly forgot to add that my daughters top front tooth is still hanging on in there by a thread. I cant believe she hasnt pulled it out but she insists on leaving it there to fall out on its own. It honestly just hangs in there flapping away whilst she is talking. Now Daddy just doesnt do teeth at all and gets quite queesy just looking at it. This is probably why she has left it alone as it makes for many a good laugh at Daddys expense showing him it.. We are cruel I know.. I took a picture of her last night so i will try and post it later on.

God Bless

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