Tuesday, 6 November 2007

5th November

Remember remember the fifth of November,

Gunpowder, treason and plot.

I see no reason why gunpowder,

treason Should ever be forgot...

Bonfire night came and went, I used to hate it as a child as the fireworks were so loud. It is my Sisters Birthday so there was always another reason to celebrate it. "Happy Birthday" by the way. Bonfire night always holds memories of the huge bonfire in the field at the back of our house, Jacket Potatoes coking at the bottom of the bonfire and of course people calling "Penny for the Guy" but you dont seem to get people calling with a Guy. I think that we have gone down the Halloween route here and have forgotten some of the older traditions. I bet that there will be lots of kids who have no idea what "Penny for the Guy " means, mine included.

Anyway we decided that we would go and visit friends and perhaps my little one would not "FREAK OUT " when he was in other company. Well he did us proud, we have gone from the little boy who had a major melt down at the mear mention of fireworks to the little boy who would stand at the patio doors, with fingers in ears (just in case!!) and watch. He even held a sparkler which is again a big deal for him, I took a photograph of him doing this so that next year when we hear the all too familiar whine "I dont like fireworks" it can be whipped out as lasting proof that he DID actually enjoy himself. Hehe........

So it is now the weekend and I have just left work and can put my feet up and not hear he sounds of "Miss, he said this" or "Miss, she hit me" and the tug at the arm of my clothes to get my attention. Although having two children and a husband I guess there is still plenty of whining in this house. It is just so nice to get o the weekend to spend some quality time with our own children and leave work at the school gates for Monday (although I must confess that I LOVE my job).

I hope that like the christmas tree on the top of the blog, it is far too early to decorate the house yet but as there are no pine needles to pick up in blogland I thought I would decorate the blog. This is just the start and I have other decorating plans for the next couple of weeks. Have a fab weekend whatever you are doing, if I can get the camera to work on this computer I will get some photographs put on here for you to look at.

GOD Bless

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