Sunday, 4 November 2007

The Weekend

Wow we have had a busy weekend. The Tooth Fairy has yet again graced our home with a visit, he has lost another tooth and again is so proud. On Saturday we went to stay with family for the weekend. This gave DH and I the opportunity to call at some shops ALONE without any children, now whilst I love to take my children to places it is so nice to have the chance to be out without them. My quest was to find some christmas cars to give to people at Church, now whilst I am sure that these people have a sense of humor I was not sure if they would appreciate a card showing a place of brussles sprouts with one dressed up as Santa so I was looking for ones that had a more traditional feel to them. Anyway after the trip to the town we went to the town Firework display and then back home to let off our own fireworks.

On Sunday I took the opportunity to go to the Cemetry and visit the graves of some loved ones. I wish that I had taken the camera as the cemetry is so beautiful and with the leaves dropping onto the ground it was simply stunning. I know that it sounds strange to be taking photographs at a cemetry but honestly you had to be there.
Whilst walking around you could see grave stones underneath the trees practically hidden from view, upon closer inspection they were graves dating back to 1867 and some even older. I guess that nobody goes to visit these anymore and the trees which would have been small at the time have now grown and are now covering them from sight.

I think that the colours of Autumn are simply stunning, the trees are turning shades of red and gold and then they fall to ground. The smell of the air changes I think, There is a slight dampness to the air and you can smell fires burning. I think that we need to make the most of the chaning seasons as they quickly turn to the next season, which of course will be Winter.
As we are now in November my mind has been occupied with ideas for Christmas. I have nearly almost all of my shopping done and have ideas for the rest that I need to get. Next week I will be baking my Christmas cake and Christmas Pudding, should I dig out some christmas carols to listen to whilst I bake or would classical be better? Hmm I will have to think about that one.

I hope that you all have a great weekend, I am off to look up some recipes for treats for the children to have for Bonfire Night. GOD Bless xx


Jane said...

Hi Sarah, I'm an admin assistant for English, Geography and Health & Social care departments thats looking after 6 teachers mostly, although there are 19 altogether so there's always plenty to do. thanks for saying hello. Jane

Barbara said...

Hi Sarah, thanks for visiting. I got my Martha Stewart Living in large WH Smiths but now I know it can be had in UK I'm going to ask my local newsagent if he can get it for me - in time for next issue! I try to contain my magazine buying to autumn and christmas issues these days!
Just read your last post and I so agree with you. It's bonkers that we should have to call Christmas a Winter Festival or some such. In recent years so many places have stopped putting up Nativities for instance. Political correctness gone mad - I don't know why we can't keep a happy medium in this this country.