Friday, 30 November 2007

The Last Day

I cant beleive that it is the last day of November today. Where has the time gone? This past year seems to have flown by and here we are getting back into the spirit of Christmas and shopping and baking and all the other things we get into this time of the year. We dont decorate too early as we have usually bought a real christmas tree and feel that if we get it to early then there will be nothing but a twig left by the time christmas day arrives. This year i think that we may give in and buy an artificial tree, this is due to the lack of space as the real thing seems to take up the whole room and also when you come to take it down there is a huge shower of needles and no matter how many times you vacuum the room you are still collecting them by Halloween.

Before we get to decorate we still have lots of things to do around here. Like many people we decide to do home improvements in the last couple of weeks before christmas so currently my house looks like a building site and the laundry monster has come to pay a visit. So this weekend in amongst going to church and two different parties for the children there will be alot of housework going on. PAH !!!! I could do with a week of work to get everything done but working in a school does not allow for me to take time off during term time. Wish me luck, I think that I will need it!!!


Jane said...

Your mention of the Christmas tree reminded me of a Christmas 6yrs ago. We bought the tree the week before supposedly a non drop and very expensive as the cheaper trees had all gone, by the big day itself there wasn't a needle left on it. It looked hilarious and ridiculous! so on Boxing day Tony went off to the sales and came back with a beautiful artificial tree. For the rest of the year the hoover smelt of pine needles.

Barbara said...

We've had an artificial tree for a few years now and love it. It does look particularly real, though very uniform in shape!
Good luck with your laundry monster. He's at my house too - always - and I fear he's winning!