Tuesday, 1 January 2008


Well another year has ended and a new one comes to greet us. What plans have you for 2008?. I dont really like the idea of New Years resolutions but I do think that there may be changes happening in this household. Nothing too exciting but small changes that will effect the way we choose to live and the impact that we will be having on the world around us. As many people will know we have tried to reduce our impact on this world recently and we intend to take this further and educate our children (perhaps we will learn things from them) that we have to look after our planet as it is the only one we have and the choices that we make during our lives will not only effect us but our families for generations to come.

What did we do in 2007?

* planted our own (small) vegetable patch in the garden
* Received the kind pressie of a composter (yet to be set up and working)
* Used soapnuts (not sure on this one but will have to try again I think)
* Gas fire gone, nasty thing never to be used again
* Energy efficient bulbs installed when old one has blown
* Heavy curtains as the dor to stop you from being blown off the chair by the draught

Err I am sure that there are more things but that is all that I can think of for now. I do have more ideas but will introduce them to the family as and when to lessen the blow ( If it were up to me the TV would be OUT, but alas that idea didnt go down very well..LOL)
I think that rather than going out and making HUGE changes all in one go it is better to take little steps, afew at a time and make new routines for the family as you are more likely to stick with them. Things that are certainly on the plan fr 2008 are,

* Installation of a water but
* Hopefully we will get an allotment so we can expand the home grown veggies
* We have found a wonderful supplier of local meats from a farm shop, although we will have to
go and collect, it has to be better than the supermarkets.
* Veg bag delivered weekly ( we have done this before but need to set it back up again)

Oh I am sure that there will be more. I think that I will have to keep a record of what I am doing otherwise I am sure to forget. Do you want to join me in this? Go on, I could use all the encouragement I can get.

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