Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Summer Living !!

When you live in the North east of England you learn that the weather does not lways last and you have to make the most of the beautiful days. We have been lucky with wonderful weather but the last couple of days have been covered in thick fog. One of the joys of living on the coast I guess.

As we ended week one of the school summer holidays I have been trying to make the holidays special for the children so that one day they will look back and say "Remember when !!!". I am lucky that I work in a school so get the same holidays as the children and this means that I am always here for them as though I were still at home full time.
Here is a little fact about me, I HATE the TV.. Goodness, it is just hours and hours of rubbish and repeats. I never have it on during the day and can honestly feel my bloodpressure rise when Andrew comes home from work and switches on the news or some other stuff. I would be happy to be a no tv family but I dont think that it would go down very well to be honest. I am lucky in that I am not subjected to football as he doesnt like it, however I am subjected to lots and lots of motorbike racing every weekend. I will be so pleased once the MotoGP and Superbikes are finished, although I would put money on them repeating the whole season for your viewing pleasure. BLEURGH !!!

On Saturday evening I sat in the garden with the above whilst my children splashed in their pool, it is so nice to take time for yourself but I did enjoy listening to them playing and laughing together. I am lucky that they get on well, although they do have their moments together.
I love that Tea Cup, I cant bring myself to drink tea if it is not in a Tea Cup and has been brewed in a pot. It just does not taste the same.

We were going to an airshow on Sunday but had a change of plans so went to the river instead. We had the most glorious day, the children played and swam and I hid under the shade of a tree.
I have made three picnics in the last week, dont you just love a picnic? There is something quite special about having packed a picnic and setting off on an adventure.


Barbara said...

Sounds like you are all enjoying the holidays. I love picnics too. Best one we had this week was on the beach waiting for an evening high tide so that E could catch some waves. Great fun!

trashalou said...

I have that set but in mugs and plates - I love them v. much.

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

It sounds like you have been having fun - but I have to admit I love the fact that being near the north sea gives us plenty of cloudy days too - otherwise I would just melt into a puddle! Lucy x

Jane said...

Sounds like a lovely holiday, I love my tea made in a pot but mostly poured into a bone china mug although i do like to get the tea cups out for weekend tea. Jane x