Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Mondays trip to the beach.

Monday we had a day at the beach planned. My sister and her friends from a Toddler Group were having a coach trip to the beach near us and as we have not seen each other for ages it was the ideal time to get our buckets and spades and head to the beach. It was a beautiful day and the sunshine was a welcome change to our recent thunder storms and rain.

I like this picture as it shows the beautiful clean beach and you cant really see it in the picture but there was a mist of sea spray hovering over the water and it looked really pretty.
The kids enjoyed jumping over the waves as they crashed in. My son was not bothered about the sea this time, he just kept digging and digging in the sand.

My one year old niece was NOT happy with her first trip to the beach. This little girls is normally runing around their house keeping up with her two brothers. However she was more than happy just to sit on her Mummys knee or on her Aunties. There was no way that these little feet were going to go anywhere near the sand. I just love baby feet, so had to take this picture when she was sat on my knee, just for a change !!!!


Pixiedust said...

Seemed like you had a lovely ay Sarah. I'm looking forward to the schools breaking up tomorrow and maybe then I can get some sun in the garden.

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

It looks like you had a lovely time. No doubt we will be off to the beach soon too! Lucy x

periwinkle said...

I think we'll be spending a lot of time at the beach these hols too - hopefully the weather will stay nice for the weekend
lisa x

Vanessa said...

Glad the weather kept good for you, I think today would of been to warm I think even with the sea breeze!

Here's to plenty of visits to the beach this summer!

Vanessa x