Friday, 22 May 2009

Birthday Gifts

Happy Birthday gifts to take with us to see special people tomorrow.
My homemade gifts challenge is proving challenging but I am enjoying making them. I think it has motivated me somehow to get the sewing machine out or whatever gift I make and getting on with it instead of putting things off and dashing out to the shops at the last minute.
I do owe a gift for my Daddy but as he is understanding he wont mind waiting until it is made.

I am going to tuck little people into their beds and then wait for Hubby to get home, well atleast there is a man who sometimes appears at the breakfast table and I am sure he lived here once over but for some reason someone called "Work" seems to be taking him away from here.
On a good side I get to have the remote and watch my TV without moans of "What are you watching this crap for ?" ha ha ha..


She Wore What said...

How cute.

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lisa ridgeon said...

I love your idea of making your own gifts. I have terrible trouble finding suitable gifts for people but not sure i'd be brave enough to make my own. Well done you though, you're obviously very tallented.

Levin (and Emily) said...

i admire the fact that you are making presents - i'm too lazy or perhaps too much of a procrastinator to do it. i love your pillow - is it for my louis? - lol

marit said...

I love to receive handmade gifts, but are often either too shy or too lazy to make and give myself. I am improving though! I also encourage my kids to give handmade gifts.

The pillowcase is really cute!

smilernpb said...

I love the pillowcase! My little ones would love something similiar, but I am not that handy with we shall have to see!

Don't you just LOVE it when you get FULL CONTROL of the TV, with nobody there making horrible comments about the programmes you are watching?! For me, that is a RARE treat!

vanessa said...

Hello Sarah,
I was just wondering if you received my swap parcel? I sent it last Friday by recorded delivery, so you should have received it............. I'd be so grateful if you could you let me know that you received it? I put so much effort, and expense in to making it up for you, and I've heard nothing from you a week later............. I can only think something has gone terribly wrong. I have posted about your swap parcel on my blog "do you mind if i knit", I did that on Monday. I know I posted my parcel to you before you posted yours to me, so I'm totally baffled by not hearing anything from you. Are you o.k? I hope you're well? You seem to be in this post, lovely pillow case by-the-way.
I'd be so grateful if you made some contact.
Thanks so much.
Vanessa x

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah, have you received Vanessa's parcel yet, she is a bit worried that something has gone wrong, so please let me know if you have it.
Love Melanie xxxx