Friday, 15 May 2009

I am sat here this evening on my own, everyone is tucked up warm in bed apart from me. There is no noise or distractions just me, the dog and the lap top. I had a conversation with my Mum today (on my beloved phone) and she was telling me that my uncle has aksed if I would like to have his oil lamp which belonged to his late wife. This got me talking about my childhood, I used to go with my Dad for a walk that seemed such a long way for such little legs (but was infact just up the road) to go and get parrafin to be used in the lamps at home. I was only born in 1975 so I am not exactly old, LOL.. Our home didnt have any electricity at all so we relied on these lamps for light. Now when I see a lamp or smell the smell of parrafin I am yet again about 5 years old walking with my Daddy. I cant wait to get this lamp from my Uncle, it has certainly come to the right home and will be treasured and used forever.

I feel the urge to add more simplicity into our life, I think that things have got a little crazy around here recently. I feel that the children are in need of more quality time with their parents to learn and experience things that with the day to day busyness of our life are getting put to one side. I want to teach them things that they wont learn in school, I want to lay back on the grass and watch the clouds float past, to cook, bake, sew and tell stories to one another. I am all too aware that my daughter is getting older and I want her to look back on these days and say "Yes, we did that". My son needs to get out of the house on a daily basis, he has so much energy and he needs to work it off. He loves bird watching so we need to spend more time just sitting back and watching.
Both of the children like to help out in the kitchen so we have been cooking up a storm. We decided that on a Wednesday evening the children could cook dinner (with supervision), I may change the day later but it is fitting in quite well at the moment. On Saturday I am going to teach my daughter to knit, I have tried a couple of times but we didnt get very far but this time I know we can do it. I will be back later with pictures.


Anonymous said...

Lovely post, I think it is a great idea that your letting your children cook dinner, and that your going to teach your daughter to knit, children need be be taught things like this. xxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah, I have sent you an email, so if you could please reply with your address I will pair you up with a partner for the rose swap.

Thank you xxxxx

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Sounds like the perfect ambition! Lucy x

periwinkle said...

Milo loves birds too, we go round the park with his book and he ticks what he has seen - you would be surprised what is there. I think my faves are the long tailed tits... Gabe already knows blackbirds, magpies and seagulls. Never too young to start .. I can remember paraffin lamps in the blackouts - you never forget the smell
Lisa x

Sarah said...

I agree with what you say completely. One of my sons has endless energy and loves being outside. He had a vast selection of bird related presents for his birthday so has provided lots of entertainment for him!

LBP said...

I so agree with you! We try hard to teach our son some "common sense" things and to learn things about nature and the world. I feel they really need that as schools are becoming more and more "test" driven.

BTW I have an original rotary phone too. We usally only use it when the power goes out. The first time my son wanted to use it he asked where the buttons were!