Sunday, 17 May 2009


My son asked me ages ago to make him a cape fit for a Magician. I just so happened to have the perfect fabric for it so just needed to get some plain black for the outside. I used an old Asda cape we bought for Halloween a couple of years ago as a template to get the right size. The only problem was the purple fabric stretches and slips around so I found it difficult to sew and so is not quite as perfect as I would have liked but hey the magician is happy so that is all that counts.

Here we are and every self respecting Magician knows he has to wear Ben 10 jarmies with his cape.
Even with magical purple sparkly stars

The purple fabric has gold sparkly bit on and they are quite bumpy in texture, not sure that my sewing machine fully appreciated them and its protests were heard.
Happy Magicians all round.


Anonymous said...

Great cape, and I'm sure your son loves it. xxx

periwinkle said...

good job sarah, another Ben 10 fan :-)

Levin (and Emily) said...

beautiful cape!

Re said...

Fab cape, brought back many a memory of capes and magic shows with my lot when they were younger.

vanessa said...

Hi Sarah,
what a wonderful cape, it must be a treasured possession!
I'm just saying hello, because Melanie has written to me saying you are my swap partner! So I thought I'd make contact! I'll be sending your goodies off to you this week.
Love Vanessa xxx (do you mind if i knit)