Thursday, 14 May 2009


Just look at the loveliness that is my new toy.. It is the real thing, not a replica but an original 700 sesries telephone complete with the original "Ring, ring" of childhood days. I keep drifting back to my Nanny's house, sitting by the fire watching... probably Emmerdale, listening to the tick tock of the clock when the phone "Rings".. He he he... My parents also had one but it was one that hung on the kitchen wall. The sad part is that I keep ringing it from my mobile just to hear it ring...

It takes forever to dial a number on it, no speed dial and it is SO LOUD when it rings.. Oh but so much fun. Can you still dial 100 and get the operator?

Here is a picture of my Belle, I think that she looks a little dazed in this photo but she has just tasted her very first frozen ice pop so was probably on a sugar high or something.

In other news I have shrunk my Hubbys newish expensive wool jumper. Do you know what the bad thing is? The first thing I thought when I took it out of the wash and realised it would fit a barbie doll was "Oooooo project". I mean what kind of wicked wife would see the good side in shrinking ones Hubbys lovely jumper? Especially when the project would be of some kind of crafting thing.
Thank you to the lovely Melanie for this award.. I have to nominate seven blogs but this is the hard part if you ask me. There are so many wonderful blogs out there that i find it hard to narrow it down.


Green Twins Mummy

Cakes make the world a better place


Faerie Nuff

I Wanna Be Crafty

And I am going to send it right back to Melanie (probably breaking the rules but since when have I followed the rules?) Ok I give it to these blogs as they inspire me in so many different ways.


Anonymous said...

Your welcome Sarah, I'm pleased you liek your award. xxxx

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Ooooooooh! I'm SO jealous! Your new phone is gorgeous! I want one NOW!!!! What did the children think of it? Were they completely perplexed by the idea of "ringing" the number? I'm sure mine would have been!

Lucy x

P.S. I think your reaction to the shrinking jumper is entirely rational and understandable! ;o)

April said...

OOO thank you sarah I love this award

April xx

Jackie said...

I love your new phone! It does indeed take you straight back to your childhood:O)

Vanessa said...

My Nan & Grandad only got rid of a phone like that a few years ago. I think the GPO (as my Grandad calls BT) took the old phone away with them!

Vanessa x

periwinkle said...

Thank you so much Sarah :-) We , well my parents , used to have a green phone like that -- I must ask them what happened to it ?

Pixiedust said...

Oh thanks sweetie will pop in on my blog in a bit. Love the phone, i'd keep ringing it from my mobile too. xxx