Wednesday, 14 February 2007


Well Valentines Day is not something that we have ever really celebrated and to be honest if Andrew was to go and spend £50 on red roses for me I would worry about the money he had spent. As he is never going to do this I have no worries. However our daughter is excited and made cards last night for all of her friends.

I am feeling quite inspired to do come craft projects so I may have a quick trip to a nearby craft shop to get some inspiration. There is plenty for me to be doing in the house, but I guess that it will still be there for another day and I dont often take time out for myself... HHMMMM we shall see.

Our meal for Chinese New Year was fantastic. These people close their restaurant for two nights and fully cater for guests including all drinks and food for free, they will not accept anything in return and say that without their regular customers there would be no restaurant. It was nice for us to have some time out with friends and there are always other people sat at your table who you dont know but who are always keen to meet you. A most wonderful evening.

I really must get the camera out and figure out how to upload some pictures, I sure have plenty to show you all. Anyway have a wonderful day, GOD Bless.

EDIT > I have just changed the template of the blog to this pink colour... PINK just has to be my most favourite colour in the whole wide world ever!!!! When I was 5 I used to pester Mum to have my hair dyed pink when she won the Pools ! She agreed but never admitted she didnt fill them in at the time... Strange now when I am an adult and could have pink hair if I wanted to, the desire has left me.

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