Tuesday, 27 February 2007

Charlie and Knitting

This is the scotty dog I made, I got the pattern from the link mentioned below. i am going to give it as a gift for Mothers Day. My parents have a Scotty Dog called Charlie who just happens to be white.

These are some recent purchases. The table mat and coasters came from Laura ashley, I thought that they were so pretty and will look good either on the kitchen table or the dresser. The ribbons I bought a couple of weeks ago, the scotty dog is wearing some of the green one around his neck and the others are waiting to be used..

As I said previously I was looking for some craft inspiration as I didnt have any ideas what to make. Today I made a trip to a craft store and bought this wool. I am hoping to make a blanket with it, probably pram blanket size. I would probably have liked a different colour of wool but they had a limited stock. I had to ask for help from a couple of people who were looking at the patterns, they both had a basket full of wool so I guessed they were keen knitters. Their help was greatly appreciated and one was able to tell me of a local wool shop that is worth a visit. My Gran taught me how to knit but I am only able to do basic knit and purl, but the book I am learning from seems to be good..


Nicky said...

Hi Sarah, I love your site, and thanks for the Scottie Dog link.. Im going to make one of those for a poorly little girl I know. Good luck with the blanket. I often have crafters block, but after a few days of itching and scratching around with nothing to do, desperation makes me hunt something down on the good ol' internet!

Allison said...

Good luck with your knitting project. I love the Scottie dog!! He's so cute. Great job Sarah. Also, thank you so much for dropping by me blog today.