Monday, 12 February 2007

Where do the days go?

Well I have not posted in afew days as this cold bug has swept through the family like a tornado. Over the last few days we have just stayed at home and enjoyed beign in the comfort and warmth of the house. I am currently organising a birthday party for our dear daughter who is soon to be eight, she would like a sleep over with a couple of her friends so I am sure that it will be fun... (ahem!!!) Her pressie from us is tickets for her to see Girls Aloud in concert with one of her friends, neither girls know that they are going so it will be fun. It only seems like yesterday that she was born or I was sitting in our old house waiting for the day to come. On that note I came across a cross stitch chart that I was given to make her a birth sampler, now I started it when I was pregnant but never got the thing finished. So last night I sat at the kitchen table and started to stitch, my son has one that a friend made for him so I had really better get this finished.

Tonight we are going out, this is probably my one night out that I get every year. We go to a restaurant that my dear Hubby frequents (alot) through work and business lunches, it is s Chinese restaurant and they close for a weekend around the Chinese New Year and invite their loyal customers and friends for an evening of Food, Entertainment and Drinks to celebrate. I am sooo looking forward to going as we rarely get out together. Anyway as our dear family is driving over here later to look after the children I had better go and get sorted.

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