Sunday, 18 March 2007

Saturday 17th March

On Saturday we went to Whitby, we have both been going there since we were children. It is a lovely quaint English Fishing Town and has some beautiful coastline to go with it. Now as is the tradition in English Coastal Towns you have to go and have Fish and Chips for lunch.. YUMMY.......

There are afew shops to look in selling a wide variety of things (sadly nothing bought) and after you have walked past the shops you come to the bottom of the steps that lead up to the church and the Abbey. There are 199 steps up to the abbey, YES 199 STEPS. When I was age 5 or 8 I probably could have run up them like my two did but not at the age of 31, I think I needed a cup of tea when I got to the top. It is worth the climb as the views are just stunning. Then you have to walk back down again.!!!

We had a look down at the beach but the tide was in so there was only a little bit of sand to stand on and then we came home. It is a nice place to go to but like alot of places they have to accomodate what the opublic want and so it is becoming commercialised in many ways and this leaves behind some of its charm. Still worth a visit though, even just to go to its traditional sweetie shop..
Lots of pictures for you.


Allison said...

Sarah, the pictures are beautiful! I would love to visit. Thank you for sharing your visit to the fishing village - so quaint.
allie from minneapolis

Anonymous said...

Ah beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing the pictures. England is AMAZING!!!