Thursday, 1 March 2007

Happy 8th Birthday

Yesterday was my dear daughters 8th Birthday. I cant believe that she is now eight, how time flies when you are having fun. She had a lovely day and enjoyed her presents so thank you to those of you who sent her them.. She decided that she didnt want to have a party this year and chose to have a sleepover, sooo I have four of her friends coming over on Friday for a sleepover and Andrew has decided that he will go out leaving me alone with SIX KIDS !!!!!!Me thinks i will require a large bar of Choccie to get through the evening. Anyway her birthday pictures were not that good but hear is one you will enjoy.. Its BATMAN of course.. Also known as our dear son.

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Cherry's Jubilee said...

Have to laugh.......your "guy" there reminds me of my 9 yr. old little boy! He loves to dress up....usually Darth VAdor, Obi Wan, or a pirate. Enjoyed your blog! Hope the crafting block is gone...usually if you just start to play around with things your creativity comes back. Always happens to me when I scrapbook. cherry