Wednesday, 21 March 2007

Anyone for a cup of Tea?

There is nothing more decadent than Afternoon Tea, what could be more tempting than a pot of tea with a warm scone with homemade jam and butter.
Artsymama has hosted a world wide Tea Party today. We decided to have tea this evening once the children had come home from school. I even baked cakes, made sandwiches and a nice pot of Tea..I have taken some nice pictures and have now managed to get them loaded for you.
I hope that you all enjoyed your Tea.


Fiona said...

Hi Sarah

hope you and your kidds had a lovely tea time. There is some lovely stuff to look at on Kari's guest's blogs.

FrenchGardenHouse said...

Hi, hope you had a lovely tea! I love the British teas. I visited last spring...I can't wait to return.

Please visit my blog, I am serving tea there, too! Thanks again, Lidy

Natasha Burns said...

Hope your tea was lovely, that's a beautiful picture you have posted! Enjoy!

Laume said...

Those sandwiches are making me hungry - hmmm, maybe I need to eat something in real life. Hehe.

Cathie said...

hmmmm, coming right over. Is the tea warm still? I am a little late.
What a beautiful tea pot and arrangement - fit for the perfect guest from the best host.

God bless,

Lilli said...

How lovely! What kind of cakes are those?

Sarahs Home said...

Thank you for your comments. The tea was a lovely way to spend time with the children.
The cakes were a simple recipe which I will post later..

Sarah x

Allison said...

Beautiful! Your tea set and cup & saucer or so pretty. And the cupcakes and sandwiches look amazing. Brava Sarah!

allie from minneapolis

Anonymous said...

BEAUTIFUL! You did such a lovely job.