Monday, 19 March 2007

Sewing Peg Bags

Yesterday I got the sewing machine out and started on a project. One of my pet hates is leaving clothes pegs on the line as little spiders use them for a home and well lets say that I am not particularly fond of spiders.... So these are some snippets from yesterday whilst making a bag to keep the pegs in. I have had the fabric for ages, it has little Amish figures on it and looks adorable


Allison said...

Hi Sarah - splendid job on the peg bag. I really like it, and like the fabric as well. I was eying one at the French General site that is made ticking. I wish I knew how to sew better. And what's more is that I don't have a clothes line - now how's that for silly...why be looking at a peg bag when it's just going to sit there? Because it's cute...just like your bag. Great job Sarah!
allie from minneapolis

Laume said...

Cute clothespin bag. I have just a plain blue one. I would think that there would be more spiders inside a bag though, then inside a wee clothespin. But maybe it's because you have a damper climate. It's very dry here where we live and I keep my pegs on the line all the time. Well, sometimes I remember to take them down before winter, sometimes I don't. The little figures on your fabric look a bit like clothespins themselves, don't they!

Mary said...

Hi Sarah - recently found you and thought I'd stop by to comment. Being from Torquay (in US almost 45 yrs.) I love hearing about things English.
Wow, a Toyota sewing machine - I drive one but didn't know I could also sew on one! I may need to replace my trusty old Singer one of these days (about 35 yrs. old!), would you recommend your's to a now sporadic sewer?
Whitby photos are lovely - never managed to get there but have always wanted to visit.
Hope you will stop by to visit me at ACROSS THE POND soon.
Happy Spring - bet those primroses are popping out in the hedgerows - I really miss them!
~ Mary ~