Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Lots to catch up on

My goodness where have I been?
I have no idea where the time has gone recently, one week seems to fly into the next and before we know it we will be talking about summer holidays been a thing of the past and looking towards the christmas celebrations.

I must wish Andrew a Happy Birthday for the 27th March, his day was put to one side as we welcomed the newest member of the family on the same day. Congratulations to my sister and her husband on the birth of their daughter, all I can say is "AWW, HOW CUTE IS SHE?" she is adorable, she has two adorable big brothers to stick up for her. All I wanted as a child was an older brother but couldnt understand why my parents couldnt get me one !!!!! Love my sisters all the same.

The rest of last weeks past in a blur but we are now in the school holidays so it is time to recharge those batteries and get back on track. I am hoping to spend some time with the children on some Easter crafts over the next couple of days and I have my other Niece coming to stay for a couple of days towards the end of the week.


Sarah x

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