Tuesday, 17 April 2007

The English Countryside

A couple of weeks ago I went to stay at my sisters house and look after her boys whilst she went to hospital to have her baby. The oldest was at school so I took the little one out for a walk around their village. Here are some pictures that we took whilst we were out. Their village is a tiny tiny little place in the middle of nowhere but ever so pretty.


Anonymous said...

I love those stone walls! And seeing those sheep just reminds me of being back there. Oh I miss it so much!

Tiffani said...

Hi Sarah, Tiffani from the Homestead! I just love you pictures of the countryside. I felt like I could have been Elizabeth Bennett or Tess Durbeyfield walking along those lanes. Wonderful!

Mary said...

Oh Sarah, the English countryside is, as always, so pretty. I miss my childhood home in Devon - rolling hills dotted with sheep and cows, and of course Dartmoor with the ponies and more sheep!
Hope your sister and the new babe are doing well.

Allison said...

That looks like an amazing place to be!! I wish I could be there to see it in person. The green, green grass, the stone wall, the sheep, the water - it's absolutely beautiful.