Thursday, 5 July 2007

Corners of my home #1

This is the dresser that sits in our kitchen. We had it made about 8 years ago. Over the years it has been used for many many things, right now it has jars of herbs and spices on the top and inside the bottom cupboard I have lots and lots of craft/card making stuff waiting for me to get the time to actually use it.. Does anyone out there ever find the time to do crafty type stuff? I always go to the craft shop with the idea of looking around and getting some ideas for the things that I already have and then shamefully find myself at the till with a basket containing things that will no doubt join all of the other stuff I have stashed away in this cupboard. I must try and have more will power... Must try harder.


Anonymous said...

You made that? WOW!!! I have to take some pictures of my kitchen and post them soon. :-)

Sarahs Home said...

We had someone make it for us, but we got to decide what we wanted and how we wanted it to look. I wish we could make stuff like that ourselves. Our kitchen is so dark though it can look a little gloomy.