Thursday, 5 July 2007

Girly Gardening

Just take a look at this... This is what I received for my birthday present from my parents.. "PINK WATERING CANS" along with pink gardening gloves and shears.. I turned 32 on 24th June and I thought that these were so ca-yute that i had to show you. "Pink Madness" has been part of my life for these past 32 years. As a child I loved pink and had to wear it most of the time, as an adult I can resist the urge to wear pink all day everyday but I still love the colour. I even have a pair of the most wonderful boots.

What do you think? ( mine are of course have a more worn look to them ;>...) The other piccies are taken today from the garden, showing the every so small veg patch which is coming along slowly but nicely and the lavender in the front garden.


Wild Rose said...

Hi Sarah, I just discovered your delightful blog and I think that your pink boots are great!

I will visit again soon.


Anonymous said...

Sarah, I am a PINK girl too. It's always been my favorite color and my girls spend a lot of time in that color. I LOVE the boots! What brand?

Sarahs Home said...

The boots are "Dr Martens" they are the most comfortable boots I have ever had and will probably last for years and years. Here is a link for you,

Sarah x

Anonymous said...

That's what i thought they were but never saw such a cute design :-)