Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Ray Peterson - Tell Laura I love her

When i was a little girl my parents gave me a very old record player. I thought that I had the world, my very own record player and I was now obviously as grown up as my two older sisters. I cant remember exactly how old I was but I am guessing about 9 ish ??? Will have to check with my parents... Anyway with this record player came a couple of their old records for me to play in my bedroom, also I had The Smurf Song (do you remember that..hehehe) 15 Tearjerkers was my absolute favorite and I would play it over and over again. As time went on I have no idea what happened to this record but imagine my surprise when I was in a restaurant recently and they were playing a particular song from the album that I had always thought of as the BEST!!!
For nostalgic resons I had to search for it on the net as I always new the title of the song but would never had known who sang it, well here it is "Tell Laura I Lover Her" by "Ray Peterson".. Having done a search on the net I think it was released in 1960, well I wasnt born until 15 years after that date but I still loved the song.

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Anonymous said...

ROFL! My childhood (7-9 yrs. old)memories are of the Bee Gees and John Denver, LOL! I still like them. Brings back A LOT of wonderful childhood memories of us going on trips. :-)