Friday, 4 April 2008

Holidays and craft stashes.

It is finally the end of term and I have two whole weeks at home with my own children and no work. Please dont get me wrong, I do love my job but there are days when I ask myself what on earth am I doing. I guess it is the same with any job. Anyhow it will be nice to spend some quality time with my children..

On the crafting side of things, er it is moving S-L-O-W-L-Y... I am still knitting the cardigan for my daughter and to be honest I am growing tored of it. I dont always undertsnad what the pattern is saying and it is in my nature to get cross with it, especially when there are other things I am wanting to get on with. I shall finish it, oh yes I will. I would show you a picture but honestly how exciting can a half knitted front of cardigan be?

Have a look at thie gift from my Hubby, isnt it wonderful? Ok well I like it. I had spotted it but would not normally buy myself something like this so he decided he would do it for me.

I think that I will put it up in the bedroom as it will surely be a magnet for grubby little fingers to touch.

Now when I am in re-arranging mode I tend to organise things around where the craft stash can be stored. When he bought me this I said it would be perfect to store craft things and this was of course met with roars of laughter. When it arrived yesterday my Daughter proudly declared that "It is a good place to put your craft things Mummy", shows you how much he knows.....


Pixiedust said...

We used to have one like this when I was growing up, is it a Loydd Loom?

Sal said...

My mum had a similar one to that, only slightly smaller..same colour though!Sal;-)

Mary Isabella said...

I like it. Have a great weekend...Mary

April said...

I'm very envious of that lovely box!

Enjoy school hols - ours are just starting too!

April xx