Thursday, 17 April 2008

Medieval Battle Grounds and sewing.

My son wanted these pictures to be put onto the blog. I think that I have said before that he is not all that interested in craft type things and prefers to make up elaborate role play games. He does like to draw and colour in pictures but his attention for such things is short lived. Well imagine my surprise the other day when he came to me and showed me this picture,

Little Toadstool Fairy Houses in an Enchanted Woodland.
I was even more surprised when he asked for some fabric and thread when i was sorting through some materials. He works better when he is left alone and joins in when he is ready but i never through the day would come when I saw him with a needle and thread in his hand and it was his own idea. It was difficult to get the picture any better as many of the threads are pale in colour and so dont show up, however it is a dog under the moon. This was sewn freehand and all his own work.

These two pictures are taken in his room (after a tidy up) he took them himself and show what he was playing with at the time. He has a military camp set up at one side of the train track and the other shows a Medievel Battle Ground. I said that he had an elaborate imagination when it comes to playing.


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Your little boy's work and play is lovely - I'm not surprised you are proud! Lucy x

twiggypeasticks said...

wow they are fab what a talented little chap. It's lovely when your children want to do stuff isn't it? Twiglet is 3 in May and he just likes colouring and daubing stuff (carpets,wall,his hair oh and paper) with glue but hey, he enjoys himself. Only problem is we craft for 10 minutes, then I have to deglue for an hour - lol. Lovely stuff, though, I particularly like the sewing - fab
Twiggy x

Pixiedust said...

What a clever little man. I bet his room isn't always this tidy. lol. xxx

periwinkle said...

Excellent sewing-- better than mine I think. You will definately have to go to the Train museum, the boys will love it, buttons to press and everything,
Lisa x