Thursday, 24 April 2008

Prizes and a wonderful Day !!!!

I was stunned to hear that I had won Lucy Lockets Giveaway, I like many other people say "Never Win Anything" so this was a complete surprise. I live only a few minutes from Lucy so we decided to meet up and have a coffee. I had the most wonderful time and like Lucy forgot to take a picture of the scummy Lemon torte that we had so you will have to take our word for it when we say it was lovely... We emerged from the cafe 4 HOURS later having talked and talked and talked, I had the most fabulous time and hope to do it again very soon. Whilst we were out looking at the textiles in the museum we were lucky enough to meet some ladies who were working on Tapestry and a Spinning Wheel, this took me back a little as my Mum used to spin wool and I am still working on her to donate the spinning wheel to ME !!!! However here is the prize that Lucy so kindly gave me "Chick Chick and Barney, I was also given a card from Lucys very talented daughter introducing Chick Chick and Barney..... They decided that this is the spot they would like to live in as it gives them a clear view of the room and they can keep an eye on what is happening..So they moved into the shelves along with other treasures of mine that I like to have around me....
It is a lovely snug spot and they settled in well and are been fed and watered by myself and the children.

Should either of then fancy a little sewing there is a tin of buttons and a little sewing kit living up there with them.

And just to show you some of my other treasures on the shelf I have the tiniest embroidered broach that was made by my Grandmother, I am not sure how old it is but the work is so fine and I love it.

This was part of my Christmas present from my parents and I think that it ir right where I am at the moment in life, there is Grandmother, Daughter and Child sat sewing on a quilt and it is called Raising Generations.

What it should really show is Frantic Daughter holding the phone whilst talking to the Grandmother, whilst Granny tries to educate daughter on her knitting "AGAIN" and Daughter throwing the knitting across the room in temper, Oh and perhaps the nine year old rolling her eyes in dispair at her mother. Hehehehe Thanks Mum......

Edit*** Not that this would happenin this house of course, but you knew that didnt you???


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Chick-Chick and Barney look very happy in their new home - I just hope they are behaving themselves!

It was lovely meeting you yesterday and thank you so much for my coffee and cake!

I love all your other treasures - your grandmother's brooch is gorgeous and I love that Willow Tree sculpture - I haven't seen that one before.

Lucy x

Lesley said...

Glad you had a lovely time meeting Lucy! I do love a good bloggy meet up and you two excelled yourselves - four hours!!! You must both do better next time though and photograph your cakes!!!

Chick chick and Barney look very settled on their shelf with your other lovely treasures :)


Pixiedust said...

Love your prize Sarah. He looks at home on his shelf.

Mary Isabella said...

What a neat thing to win. Loving it...Mary

Craig Baird said...


I just wanted to thank you for stopping by our blog and saying hi. I am really glad you enjoyed it :) I hope to see you there again in the future.

Daisie said...

Just love the grandmother, daughter sand child, reminds me of a photograph that was taken just after my first daughter was born; with me, my mother and her mother, three generations of women! Thanks for that! xxx