Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Stories and Sunshine

Today has been a much needed day off work, i am looking forward to the end of the week when we start our two weeks holidays. I think that the children could do with the break also. We have so many things that we would like to do but just dont get the time to do it with school and various after school clubs. We have managed to get the after school clubs down in numbers which is good but I am sure that it wont last. This next picture is just to prove that the sun can shine in England, how wonderful it is to feel the heat of the sun eventhough it is through glass and not to mention the gale force winds that are blowing outside.

Big sister is on a school trip until late this evening so we made the most of a little time just the two of us, he is using a wildlife magazine to help him draw a swan. I didnt get a picture of it, he loves to draw but soon gets tired and moves on to something else. He has mountains of energy and I find it hard to get him to burn it this time of the year. When he comes home from school he just want to run around and play but with the weather it has been hard to get him outside in the garden.

I managed to get a couple of frames over the weekend to put the cross stitch pictures in,

I like to have a stash of drawing materials for the children to help themselves to whenever creativity strikes them. Please note however that this is only a VERY SMALL amount of their craft stuff, it is literaly all over the house and garage. Pens, pencils, play doh, paint, paper, books and every other craft thing you can imagine fills every nook of the house.

I wanted to show you a story book that my son has made, it is "The Story's of the Twins" and apparently is a 4 in 1 story book (I will show you one)

One day two twins were playing passies on the beach. Then they,

saw a boat coming towards them.

After that they raced eachother.

In the end it started to rain.


I am sure that it will become a classic story to be heard by many many generations to come. Passies is his choice of words and not mine however it didnt feel right to stop his creative outburst by pointing out to him that it didnt really make sense.


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

I knew what he meant by "passies" (at least I think I did!!!)

It's been a beautifully sunny day but so windy hasn't it? I need to go to the allotment but I'm hoping it will be less windy tomorrow!

Pixiedust said...

Oh bless him, thats lovely, i knew what he meant by passies also. Magus is the first Stonewylde book, and I can't recommend it enough. Its the best read ever! Kit Berry has a website you can order from, signed copies! There is also a Stonewylde Forum once your hooked which is great, you will find a lot of us bloggers on there. Take Care PixieD. XXX

Alison Boon said...

Glad to see you getting a little bit of sunshine. It's funny how it can lift your spirits to see that little yellow fellow. I know what you mean about longing fo rthe hols. In my previous life as a teacher there was always a count down from about day three of the new term.

Vanessa said...

Hi Sarah,

Thanks for leaving a comment and offering your services for our new blog. The things we are asking for are any agencies that offer support or funding to new businesses. Any good supply shops. The main priority is to find out any craft fairs going on in the area, big or small. Even if it is at short notice someone might take a look and feed back any information that might be relevant if they have another fair on.

Hope this is not to much for you, any information you can get hold of would be greatfully received.


Vanessa x

periwinkle said...

Hi Sarah, thank you for your lovely comments. You're definatley close judging by the great pics that you've posted. His little storybook is so cute, you'll have to put that in a memory box. Maybe we could help Vanessa together as I don't drive- what do you think?
Lisa x

Barbara said...

Love your boy's little book. Yes, I too know what passies is! Love the monks bench too. What a lucky find.

Greentwinsmummy said...

Your boys book is marvelous! tell him from a twins mummy,thats a splendid story indeed :o)

I cant wait for the day when I can leave a pot of pens unguarded in this house hahahahah! Mine love drawing & colouring but haha need rather alot of supervision at the mo!
x x x x#

Summer by the sea said...

Hi there - I have two boys both with never ending supplies of energy! - our Easter holiday is just drawing to a close, but I haven't heard the words 'I'm bored mum' too many times despite the rubbish weather. I love your e bay bench - you sound like me - last month I made us drive one and a half hours to pick up some shelves! - Natalie x

Summer by the sea said...

Hi Sarah - thanks for popping by, the wallpaper in my daughters room is 'Summer Palace' by Laura Ashley, it comes with either a duck egg background or Ivory background - there is a fabric to match which is currently on sale at just £10 a metre - hope that helps - Natalie x

HomemakerAng said...

I love the book! you will treasure it forever! LOVE THE "KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON SIGN!!!!" need one for my house ;)

Greentwinsmummy said...

me again! I have left you something over at my blog
x x x xx

periwinkle said...

Hi Sarah, Vanessa has opened her new blog .http://www.northernbellescrafts.blogspot.com/ I've left a comment saying we will try to help-I hope thats okay?
Lisa x

Sarahs Home said...

Thank you all for your kind commects about my sons book, it is quite a feat for him to put pen to paper. He has the ideas in his head but just has no interest in writing things down. He would rather be running around the house driving me crazy. It is certainly somethig that i will keep.