Sunday, 15 June 2008

Fathers Day and Kitchens

Happy Fathers day to all the Dads, Daddys and Papas out there. The children took their daddy breakfast in bed and then we got the craft things out and had a little craft session o make their gifts. I remember that as children my Dad always liked the homemade gifts and cards and kept them and I think that they mean more to our family than the shop bought stuff. We printed out the DAD template, cut it out and stuck oictures behind it before sticking it t the card. My son drew the house and we cut out the windows and stuck more little pictures behind. I think that these are going to be taken into wrk to be kept on his desk.

On Saturday night once the children were fast asleep in bed I decided to make the long overdue pelmets for my kitchen windows. The kitchen is quite dark and when I made curtains in the past it made it look even darker...... Soooooo I bought some blue fabric years ago and it has been sat waiting for such a project as dressing up my kitchen windows. All that I need to do now is get a blue blind to go behind it and get rid of the awful blinds that the previous owners left. The embroidered table cloth on the table is one that my Great Grandmother made and the Orchid was a present from Andrews parents and so far I have managed to keep it alive. I can keep plants going in the garden but House plants seem to die off pretty quickly for some reason.

Here is a view the other way to the utility area of the kitchen, I think that I need to get a picture or something on the wall over the sink. For once I think that the kitchen is finally starting to look right, I have changed my mind with it lots of times but I think that this mights be here to stay.
A fairy came into my Garden and left her Magic wand
I think that she also had a snack on my plants.


Mary Isabella said...

Homemade gifts are always the sweetest....Mary

periwinkle said...

lovely cards , hows the diet going?
Lisa x

Jane said...

Beautiful cards, Em made one for her dad which he was delighted with. Your kitchen looks really lovely with the blue pelmets. You can get a kit to make your own blind up for your window using the same fabric as the pelmets, or use the exsisting fittings. Jane x

Levin (and Emily) said...

love your cards - we have father's day in september - so i have a little time to get the kids ready for it.
i love your kitchen - it looks so comfy and cosy. i love the blue - i've always liked blue walls.
sorry to hear about your plant - david is always devastated when his plants get eaten. i guess grubs need to eat too though!