Friday, 6 June 2008

7 Today

There is nothing more important to me than my family. I love to hear them chattering and see them playing, when they are at school the house seems to empty.. Well today is my dear sons birthday and he is 7, so here are seven things about him.

* He is a very keen cook and loves to be in the kitchen making something. Move over Jamie Oliver, hee comes "Little Chef"

* I secretly love the way you still sit on my knee for a cuddle. It doesnt matter where I am sitting, if you come into the room you will always park your little self on my knee for a cuddle. You promise to do this always.

* You tell me that your best friends are Mummy, Daddy and your sister. I think that your family is special to you.

* You are a nature lover. You spend hours looking out of the window watching the birds and have such an enthusiasm about all things that live in the world.

* You make us all laugh with your silly made up jokes, eventhough we have bought you joke books you prefer to make up your own.

* Sammy is your most treasured toy and friend. He is very loyal and puts up with your bad moods when you kick him out of bed and quickly forgives you when you creep out and tuck him up safely beside you.

* A shy boy who looks after his Mamma !!!

Happy Birthday Sweetie, Love ya round the world and back !!!!!!!


Barbara said...

Our children have the same birthday! Happy birthday to your boy. I love all the things you wrote about him. Bx

periwinkle said...

Happy belated birthday
Lisa x

Levin (and Emily) said...

happy birthday - my little boy turns seven in september - my how they grow up so quickly.