Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Nothing says "Home" like

Homemade Pie

I was at work today trying to teach some year 4 children about the Vikings and all I could think about was my need to make "Pie"... Not any pie, Strawberry, Rhubarb and Apple Pie..... As I skipped out of work when I finished I dashed to the supermarket and bought the ingredients, all British I add......

I like to bake with the children but sometimes it is nice to just get on with it on your own. The first thing I do is put on some music and tie on an apron (this is an absolute must). Our Grandmothers would have worn an apron all day and have had different ones for different occasions. Aprons are like a uniform for me, when I one I am ready for my task in hand. I even have an apron that I wear when I am gardening, I will show you another day... I admit that
I am not a feminist and have quite a traditional view when it comes to my home.

Here is my pie just waiting for the pastry crust.

Looking all pretty waiting for cooking
In all its glory straight from the oven.

My house smells wonderful.


Pixiedust said...

That looks yummy Sarah, love the stars on top.

quiltdude said...

can I have a scoop of ice cream with mine please? It looks delicious.

April said...

What a yummy looking pie - unfortunately I am allergic to apples so can't eat any of it!

Hooray for not being a feminist, knew I couldn't be the only one.

I have a fab Betty Boop apron that I wear for most of my cooking and a gorgeous calico one with appliqued jam jars on that MIL made for me - which I wear for... jam making!!

April xx

Barbara said...

Oh my goodness Sarah, that pie looks gorgeous.

periwinkle said...

Lovely looking pie , but is it diet friendly chuckle?
Lisa x

Levin (and Emily) said...

that pie looks great.
i think that feminism means that women have the right to choose what they want to do with their lives which has been great. I just don't like the way the role of the housewife/husband has been devalued - it's very rewarding and challenging and i love every moment of it. keep baking pies and wearing aprons - hold you head up high and say "I am a mother and I LOVE to bake"

Jane said...

Wow your pie looks delicious, I love the fact that i can bake and home make for my family and our home i can be quite old fashioned sometimes but i also love technology. Sorry i haven't visited for a while, your garden looks lovely - i hope you have lots of tasty veg later on. I was hoping to grow our own but we have a rat who keeps visiting so have been advised not to grow veg Jane x

Summer by the sea said...

Hi Sarah - The pie looks great, did you eat it with cream, ice cream or custard?
I too am quite old fashioned when it comes to the home, I do all the cooking and housework, but I am happy to do it as I quite enjoy all things domestic - there is nothing I like more than a day at home 'pottering' - Natalie x