Wednesday, 11 June 2008

A WEEK !!!!

Apart from saving a post for my sons birthday at the weekend but not actually completing it and posting it, I have not blogged for A WEEK !!! How terrible is that?

I have been so busy for this week, we have had birthday parties to plan, day trip to the local environmental festival, my poor car had to go into the garage for three days and all of the other things that life throws at you.

I dont know about you but I am so ready for the summer. I want to sit out in the garden and watch my sweeties run around and play in the paddling pool, day trips out, picnics and homemade lemonade. The summer in England does not last for long and even sometimes only for a couple of days, but I sure look forward to when it arrives.
I was thinking today about all of the fun things I would like to do with the children over the summer and I am starting to make little plans in my head of ways to keep them occupied and happy. They both enjoy spending time doing crafty type activities so I can see me spending some time trawling for ideas to keep away for when the rain comes.

I was browsing earlier and came across some American sites and there seems to be many more celebrations and Holidays over there than we have here. I think that it may no longer be the "British" way to have street parties and get togethers that were once just a normal way of life. I think that perhaps people no longer care for these traditions and see tham as "Old fashioned" and just cant be bothered. I mean most people will tell you something about Saint Patricks day but have no idea about St Georges Day. Okay so i will get off my soap box now.
I love to celebrate things, birthdays, anniversarys and holidays. I rarely need an excuse to have some sort of little party with the children and the best parties we have are the "Just because" parties. We have them for no other reason than "Just Because" and will make a special tea or picnic to have together.

What do you look forward to doing over the summer? Do you have any special plans or little things that you simply must do because it is summer?


Barbara said...

Hi Sarah, Summer has been with us in south west scotland for the past 6 weeks or so and I've been enjoying the garden with the children I mind and then again late into the evening with my girl. We have 3 and a bit weeks to go til the end of term - do you break up at end of July - and I have 3 weeks of the hols off work and 3 weeks with all the children so E will get the best of both worlds I think. Picnics, beach and playing in the garden with the paddling pool are all favourites and I hope the weather holds for us!

periwinkle said...

Lovely blog makeover - environmental festival? There is a week of things going on in the park starting from the 14th, you have to collect a pack from the coach house on the 14th to find out what is on , as for the rest of the summer we just kind of wing it.
Lisa x

twiggypeasticks said...

It's my last Summer with little Twiglet before he starts playgroup in September - sigh. I'm going to enjoy every minute with him and shower him with kisses and hug him ALL the time, even when he shouts ` no mummy, I'm VERY busy :)
Twiggy x

Levin (and Emily) said...

I'm so not in your zone - I'm currently relishing the rain and enjoying rugged up whilst it's cold outside. today i made a wonderful roast which warmed the house beautifully and filled it with wonderful aromas - just perfect for today.
one thing you must do over summer is read under a tree.
oh, and have a bbq

Mary Isabella said...

I too love to sit outside and read. It is one of my favorite things to do...Mary