Monday, 2 June 2008

My Garden

I love my Garden, dont you think that when you are in the garden you drift away and can be anywhere? I doesnt matter if you have a city garden or a country cottage your garden can be your sanctuary. I like the country cottage type gardens that you see on paintings in very nice antique shops, roses climbing over the arch and foxgloves swaying in the breeze with a rickey garden fence just waiting to welcome you. One day I know that I will own such a house but until that day I have may garden and make it my own.

One of the things that we have i our small garden is a little vegetable patch. Last year we had great success growing from it and hopefully this year will be the same. In this corner you can see tiny white turnips growing and purple sprouting brocoli. In the back you can just see the beans and the frame.
These are our peas, they are only small yet but hopefully they will grow. I think that we are a bit cooler up in the North than our Southern friends so it may take a little longer.

We also have some strawberrys growing at the front of the house in the glass porch where they get full sunshine and the glass makes it very warm in there. This was tonights supper and they tasted the absolute BEST EVER.... So yummy.

Here is my Strawberry Tea set waiting to be used. The plate is large and holds lots of lovely ripe strawberrys whilst the jug and pot holds your cream and sugar. I dont think that we will get enough strawberrys for filling up this dish but once the pick your own opens I will be there in a flash. The strawberrys you can see here we kindly sent to me by Summer by the Sea in a giveaway so they will have to do until the real strawberrys are ready. Yum Yum !!


Pixiedust said...

Hi Sarah I only had two takers for my PIF, and you are one of them! Can you please e-mail me your address.

Leigh said...

I love that tea set! This entire post is summer perfect!!!

Barbara said...

So lovely to be able to grow stuff to eat.

Love your strawberry set.

Levin (and Emily) said...

love the strawberry set - so gorgeous. i love freshly picked strawberries. mmmmmm
i have to agree with you about the garden - our garden is david's sanctuary. he spends most of the weekend out there, pottering around and making compost etc..... we've had some lovely veggies from it. now all we need is chooks.

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Wow! You've had homegrown strawberries already? Your garden is growing so well - I just wish it would stop raining and I could be a bit less busy so I could get some work done up at the allotment!
lucy x