Friday, 4 January 2008

Friday 4th

The end of the week, normally I would be full of joy in the knowledge that we have the weekend. However this means that I must return to work on monday. I shouldnt really complain as I only work 13 hours a week spread over 4 days so it is not exactly much but working in a school with children age 5 and 6 is enough to "DRIVE YOU MAD"... mmmmmwwwaaaahhhhh !!!

I am still doing well on the no impulse buying, yesterday I had to get a couple of things for the children to go back to school and we did have lunch out but I dont really think that this counts as I had planned to take them out for lunch when the schools broke up but as we have all been unwell over the holidays we were unable to get there until yesterday. It is ineresting however as I would have normally bought a magazine without thinking about it (and probably paid £3.50 for it) but I didnt even miss not buying it and know that it is money saved and less paper products been used by us.

News on the Motorbike is that it has been recovered by the police but it is completely trashed and will probably be wrtitten off by the insurance company. They have smashed the ignition open and pulled out loads of wires to try and start it, the police think that they were disturbed and so pushed the bike down a steep hill itnto a woodland area below where it smashed into bits when it hit the trees. I really dont want to write on here what I think of these people as it is not nice, but I am sure you can guess. We not only enjoy using the bike but it is also an essential mode of transport for my poor hubby as he uses it for work which allows me the car to get to work and do the school runs. There is no way i can get to work and drop the children off at two different schools on time without it, so I am not sure what we will do when the schools go back nest week. These idiots dont care about such trivial things though do they? We are going to have a look at it over the weekend, should be ineresting.PAH !!!!!!!!!!


KarenHarveyCox said...

Such a lovely blog, Sarah. Is that you kitchen on your header? Hope you have a lovely day. Karen

Kelli said...

Hi Sarah! I just saw your comment at the Seasonal Delights forums, welcome! I'm sorry you have to go back to work on Monday, I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Mary Isabella said...

I hope that you can get another one real soon. Mary