Wednesday, 2 January 2008

No impulse buying

Check out this link

There are 12 different challenges for the forthcoming year and the first one for January is NO IMPULSE BUYING. Simple enough? I dont know but I can be awful for going to the shop for one thing and coming back with a bag full. On another site I post on there was a challenge last year not to buy anything new for a whole year. There were guidelines which covered essential items such as food and underwear and other stuff but generally you couldnt buy anything new for the whole year. This is not something that I could do, however I thought that if I could start of small and not buying anything on impulse for one month then this may well snowball into other habits been broken and not only saving money but saving the planet along the way. Check out the link and see what you think.


Mary Isabella said...

I love the banner. I agree I am trying to make an effort not to buy anything that I truly do not really need. Smiles to you!

Sarahs Home said...

Thanks Mary Isabella, I took the banner picture on a recent visit to the open air museum when they were having a christmas open evening.

Barbara said...

Hi Sarah - A very good idea to try not to impulse buy. I'm sure there are very many of us who pop into Tesco for a pint of milk and get to the checkout with 20 pounds worth of shopping! (or is that just me). I've been trying for a while not to buy stuff just because it's there, even if it's a bargain. My daughter's money burns a hole in her pocket too but recently she's more amenable to being asked to stop and think first and invariably she'll put it back on the shelf. Good luck.