Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Happy Mothers day

I know that this is late but I have been unwell so have not been able to post. Anyway normal service shall resume. I gave my Mum the quilted wall hanging I made her (see sneaky peak) but completely forgot to take a picture, so I am waiting for my sister to go round and take one so that I can post it. I know she will have forgotten but perhaps this will SHAKE HER MEMEORY when she reads this post.

I have been trying to change the template of this blog and it is driving me crazy, all I want to do is make it the colours I want but blogger has other ideas. I have done this previously but it seems that it doenst want to play this time. gggrrrr !!!
Thank you for all of your posts re the bike, we are really pleased with it. I have not been on it as I only like to ride it when it is warm and there is no chance of rain. So as you can imagine living in the North of England I am quite limited really.

This picture was taken when a group of us took the bikes racing.


Jane said...

Hope you feel better soon, belated Happy mother's Day, lovely photo of the bikes too. Jane x

Barbara said...

Hope that feeling poorly didn't spoil Mother's Day for you Sarah and that you're feeling better now.

It would be great to see the quilt you made your Mum. I do that when I'm so eager to package something up I forget to photograph it.

Leigh said...

Oh, I can't wait to see the pics of your Mum's goodies! I hope you are feeling all better now. I had to laugh about your limitations on bike riding! You just cracked me up!

Sarahs Home said...

I am feeling much better, I was fine early on Mothers Day so enjoyed breakfast in bed from the children and was taken to the Garden Centre for a plant. Iam so cross that I dont have a picture of the wall hanging I made, I was so pleased to give her it on saturday that I forgot all about a picture.