Sunday, 9 March 2008

Go Team

On Friday we took the children to their first ever Basketball Game, they had so much fun. My son could hardly sit in his seat he was so excited. He soon learned all of the supporting chants to encourage the team (thankfully they were suitable for little ears unlike the Football.... ). It was so nice to see him enjoying himself as normally he wouldnt like the noise or some other excuse. I certainly think that his confidence is improving.... YAY !!!!! My Daughter said that she enjoyed it but I dont really think that it would be her normal choice of entertainment but she enjoyed having some time out as a family which is quite a rare thing at times.

Next time we are going to go to the Ice Hockey match. Now this is something that I have always wanted to go to. I have no idea what the rules are but I am sure it will be fun.


Jane said...

Oh those pictures bring back memories from when Em was very small and prone to getting up as early as 5am so we'd sit down stairs and watch some telly and all that was on was the American football, or basket ball until the childrens stuff started at 6am it was soothing stuff to sleep through! Jane x

Sarahs Home said...

It was great fun Jane, it was nicer to spend some quality time together though... I remember getting up a stupid o clock and watching rubbish on the TV with the kids. My son likes to get up at stupid oclock at the weekend but wont get up for schooll..funny that !!!!

bikerted said...

Ian and Guzzisue have watched the Nottingham Panthers Ice Hockey Team a few times and they tell me it's great fun. Be warned the match consists of three periods of 20 munites, however if play stops then so does the period,therefore one period can last quite a long time. The action is fast and furious and tempers can boil over on the ice. If you cannot understand the game then I'm sure a regular will give you a brief outline. Go and enjoy!


PS sorry to read about your bike being stolen. Ian lost one several years during a period of unemployment and that hit him hard so he understands your dismay. I hope I'm giving you a few ideas on where to go if you do manage to get over the water sometime.

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