Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Easter Weekend

We have had a wonderful time over the easter Weekend, spending time togethere just the four of us has been a rare treat recently. We started on Friday with another trip to watch the basketball, we won again much to the delight of our son. He is becoming quite the expert at basketball now !!
We have been making chocolate egg cakes, which is becoming quite the tradition now. Isnt it funny how you start to do something without quite thinking about it and before you know it has become quite the loved family tradition.

On Easter Sunday we made the most of some Sunshine and headed for the beach and no matter how cold it is the children just had to have an ice cream, hem hem ok yes I just HAD to have one also.

The sea was quite rough but it is so beautiful to see and listen to. I think that I may always have to live within a short drive of the ocean. It is quite hard to understand how in some parts of the world the land is so vast that people have never seen the ocean. I guess that the advantage of living on a small island is that you are never that far from a beach.

HOWEVER I draw the line at getting into the water on such a day, can you spot the surfer? CRAZY !!!!

To finish off here is the little corner of our living room that seems to have evolved to this.

I have been busy knitting, reading and cutting up fabric to make my rag rug and seem to have built this little corner with all of my things. All it needs is a drink and I may never have to leave. Hope that you all had a wonderful Easter. We have two more weeks and then school closes for two weeks.


Guzzisue said...

looks like someone was brave in the sea!! We spent yesterday in snow showers watching bikes.

Sarahs Home said...

LOL we had the strangest weather, sun one moment and then a snow blizzard the next. watching the bikes sounds fun though.

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Looks like you had fun! Love that little corner of your home photo! Lucy

Levin (and Emily) said...

oooh i have a corner just like it - it's perfectly set up for me and i get a little cranky if someone else tries to muscle in on my spot!
isn't the beach gorgeous on a cold day.

Sarahs Home said...

This is "My" spot and there will be trouble should anyone try and grab it for themselves. LOL..
The beach was lovely and refreshing, I just cant believe people would want to go into the water, I mean this is England and the North East which is colder still.bbbbrrrrrr
Sarah x