Friday, 28 March 2008

Hello There

I couldnt think of a title for this post, I just thought that I would introduce you to my new friends. Ben, Jerry and Mr Bunny

After work today when I dashed into the supermarket they jumped off the the shelf and out of the freezer demanding to be bought. I tried to resist but I was WEAK.. I felt a tiny twinge of guilt when Hubby proudly announces he has lost a STONE in weight and has done very little to actually do it, he is what we call "A Gym Sponsor" he donates a fee every month for them to have MTV playing in the background but never actually uses any of the facilities. Anyway the guilt was short lived when I am sat here in peace with children in bed and a Hubby who has gone out eating a bowl of delcious (Ok sickly) ice cream. HEAVEN... Enjoy your weekend, I will be back later with piccies of my ebay bargain. Iam off to watch Most Haunted Live...

S xxx


Vanessa said...

Your friends look good company to me!

Have a nice evening & weekend!

Levin (and Emily) said...

yum - that looks great. we don't get ben and jerry's here but i've heard it mentioned in books and films. don't panic though - we have plenty of good ice-cream substitutes here. there is a heavenly cookies and cream one which i like to indulge in very occasionally.
can't wait to see what you got on ebay.

Leigh said...

I really and I mean really like your new friends!

I apologize for being late, but please wish hubby a very Happy Birthday!

I love the pics in your last few entries!

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Your friends sound like they were great company! They are always welcome to visit here too! Lucy x

Sarahs Home said...

Wouldnt it be fun if we could all enjoy some ice cream together and craft. You are all so woelcome to come and join me!

Sarah x

Jane said...

Your friends look delicious, my favourite B & J's is Phish Food! Jane x