Sunday, 2 March 2008

Look at our new toy !!!!!

How much FUN !!!!!!!!!!!!! We have been lost since certain people thought it was a good idea to steal our other bike on Christmas Day, however after what seemed like forever we finally got another. Hopefully during the summer we will be going to Europe or at least having afew days away touring together.


Barbara said...

Fab new bike. Do you ride it yourself or sit behind clutching dh's jacket!?

Many years ago I had a boyfriend who had a bike and loved nothing more than to tear up the high street on the back. You wouldn't get me on one now for love nor money!

Congrats to the newly nine year old. She sounds like my 10 y/o. Fearless!!

Sarahs Home said...

I dont ride it myself, I just like to sit on the back and watch the world go by. I also only like it when it is warm. We had a ride out last year together and it ended up so cold, faqr to cold for me. Hubby rides it every day.
My daughter can be fearless, it is not a bad quality really is it.

Sarah x

Jane said...

Lovely looking (mean) machine, Hope you have many happy times on it. Happy birthday to your young lady of 9. Em has the bedtime gang too, hers are the cugglies from when she couldn't say cuddlies! Jane x

Mary Isabella said...


Leigh said...

I can't believe someone would steal your bide on Christmas Day, of all days! ECCCKYY on them!!!

But, YUMMY on your new toy! That sounds like bliss to go touring with hubby!! Enjoy and be safe when you do!!!

Guzzisue said...

hey, another blog with bikes!! greay stuff. hope you have fun and make it across the channel!!