Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Just thinking

I am just ranting here so please feel free to skip by this post if you like.
having been reading a friends blog recently it got me thinking about what is actually important in ife. I feel that what was imprtant to me 10 years ago is not even a priority now and have been replaced by other things. I guess that when you have children life takes on a whole new meaning.

I have been trying to reclaim some of the house and banish some of the childrens toys away to their bedrooms. The problem with this is that they want to play where the adults are.."Downstairs". Really though is this a real problem? Is it nice that the children want to be close by and in a few years when they become moody teenagers i will be trying to pull them from their rooms by any means. ? Will the world end because there are toys around the house and evidence of the children who live hear?
I think that the answer to these questions is pretty simple..NO...

It may not be tidy but it is loved and treasured.
It may not be a show home from one of those glossy magazines.
There may be piles of laundry waiting at various stages of completion.
It may not be many things but it is our HOME and we LOVE it.

My childrens friends love to come here, they are allowed to paint, get the glitter out, play with play doh, bake cakes and a whole list of other such stuff that the children enjoy. Things that there parents admit that they are not allowed to do at home for fear that a speck of glitter may get on the carpet and yes their omes are alwas emaculate with no evidence that a child even lves there.

this post is not to offend anyone to manages the imaculate home with a house full of children and works and and and... so please dont get cross, my hat goes off to you if you can do it all. these are only my random thoughts and are here to remind me of what is important to me right now. Domestic Goddess I am not but Happy Mamma I am.


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

I often wish I could have a tidy house but I have decided I can't be crafty, mum to three and tidy in a too small house - they just don't co-exist happily. IF I had a much larger house with a separate room for crafting, a study, a laundry room, a play-room, a bedroom each for the children, a utility room, a conservatory etc etc etc and LOADS and loads of cupboards - then I could be tidy (maybe!)

As it is I live in total chaos but with lots of lovely creations and books and inspiration around me (and three very untidy little Lockets and a very long-suffering Mr Locket!)

Levin (and Emily) said...

Our house is exactly the same. Everything spills into the lounge or kitchen or where-ever I happen to be. I agree with you - there may be times when it is inconvenient, but for the most, I am happy that my kids are happy. They will grow up and move away in the blink of an eye and I will miss having them around and the chaos that naturally follows them.
And like you, kids come here to craft and to learn to craft. It's fun.

Leigh said...

I am starting to realize a few things myself about life! I am with you, you should make your home happy, make yourself happy. Life is to short not to!

Greentwinsmummy said...

We live in a weeny house,sometimes it drives me batty as theres always something where it shouldnt be lol but does have moments of calm,they just dont last very long!Its a beautiful blessing to see the seeming chaos that children bring as a precious thing. I am longing for the better weather so they can spill outside a bit more tho lol!
x x xx