Friday, 28 March 2008

March 27th

My Hubby shares his birthday with our Niece, whilst she celebrates her very first birthday he is celebrating his 36th (hehehe)ok so this is by no means old and if 50 is the new 40 then that makes us both still in our 20's. The children made Daddy trifle and we had gifts for him, non of which I have pictures of as the camera battery died.. Over the weekend we are going to a first birthday party for her and here is her gift

I know that clothes are not the most exciting of gifts but bearing in mind that she is only one I am sure that she will like playing with the wrapping paper much more that any toy you could buy her, I also find it difficult buying for children as most toys are the same thing but just in a different plastic outer shell. Yeah Yeah I am no scrooge, I will just wait until I find her the perfect little thing just for her.
Iam just looking at the fabric and quite like it and can see how it could be used for something other than the dress, perhaps a little craft project of some sort.

I promise that I will not cut it up, PROMISE !!!!

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