Monday, 25 February 2008

30 Days:: Day Thirty

Nealry back to where we started. A good way to end the challenge I think. It has been difficult to try and capture what thirty days would be like around here without boring the pants off of you. Perhaps you have already been bored to death. I mean do I take a photograph of Mount Washmore or Mount Ironing that is currently residing in my house? Or the huge amount of dishes waiting for the fairies to come and sort out? NO, you really dont want to see that, you probably have enough of that in your own life without looking at mine...hehehe
However here is a picture of my little cherubs waiting for me to take them to school this morning. Half Term has flown over but we have had lots of fun.


Levin (and Emily) said...

i think it's lovely to get a glimpse into your life. we all have rather mundane parts but it's lovely to see your part of the world.

Leigh said...

I think your blog is awesome, I am just going through your old posts! I love finding new treasures and your blog sure is one, not boring at all!

HomemakerAng said...

love the shoes! I have checked in on 30 days, so sorry i have not commented. i have been so busy. I dont want to seem rude! i do enjoy it here

Barbara said...

I've enjoyed your photos. Very disciplined of you to keep it up. Love the shiny (new?) shoes for back to school. Holidays go too fast don't you think!