Thursday, 28 February 2008

The Birthday Weekend

It started today with a very excited girlie who is now NINE !!!!! Goodness how time flies. She is now a proud owner of a pair of "Heelys" , truly awful things if you ask me but then again I am not nine and so therefore am unlikely to understand that "Everyone has them".... To celebrate the day we headed out to a local Italian for dinner with friends. We have a Ten Pin Bowling party planned for Friday and Saturday is a family party, my task this evening was to make sure that the party bags were filled and ready to be taken out with us bowling.
Anyhow I thought it would be fun to tell you nine things about my daughter,

* She is a complete girlie girl..Pink, teddy bears, fluffy girlie stuff you get the idea.

* I love the way she has so many Teddy Bears and dolls on her bed that there is literally no room for her. She has been like this since very young and the bears are known as "The Bedtime Gang".

* When she goes horse riding and falls off she gets back on without complaining and continues to ride even if she has tears in her eyes. This is her choice certainly not mine. I want to rush over and take her away from the nasty horse !!!!

* She is a complete thrill seeker. If she is tall enough to get on the ride you can bet she is waiting to go on it. Rollercoasters, Pirate Ships or any other kind of ride that sends Mummy for cover..

* She loves school and always tries super hard. She reminds me of the character Matilda in the Roald Dahl book.

*I had to laugh the time I went to check on her in bed and she had been to the nursery christmas party that day. Here she was lying in bed perfectly with her party hat on. She reminded me of the Queen or a princess. She was three. Wish I could have taken a picture without waking her up.

* She is not afraid to get dirty and go into the garden and help dig the vegetable patch, although she needs her brother to remove any worms or slugs. Isnt that what little brothers are for?

* She is on the School Recycling Commitee, and boy do we take this seriously. I can see her been quite the green activitst when she is older.

* When she is a grown up her plans are to be a Teacher Monday to Friday and a Vet at the weekend. So she cant be afraid of hard work.

Here she is somehwere on this ride, there was no way I would ave gone on there. This was taken in November and a friend of my sisters was brave enough to take her on. He needed a little time afterwards as he felt so ill, she thought it was great.


Levin (and Emily) said...

happy birthday!
she sounds like the perfect heroine for a story book - all pink and girly, with a wild streak and enough common sense to know that worms should not be messed with!
hope she had a wonderful day.

Sarahs Home said...

She had a wonderful day thanks ,love your comment. lol

S x