Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Catching Up

I had a take a little break from blogging as life has been s busy recently. Working part time in a school and then dealing with my own children has taken the energy right out from me. I only work part time but the job can be incredibly demanding and then to come home and start dealing with homework, Brownies, school discos and everything else leaves little time for Mamma.. However the joy of working in a school is that I get to be at home with the children on a regular basis. JOY !! I love been with them and getting the chance to do all of the things with them that we miss out on when we are busy. Things such as Painting, drawing, tons and tons of craft kits that have been building up in the toy cupboard. Dont get me wrong we try and make time fo these things other than in the holidays but the children seem to have a very busy social calendar which leaves little time.

Monday was a day at home, I promised the children that if they left me to tidy around then I would be theirs... So after a quick tidy around we ventured into the kitchen to make cakes for daddy to come home to... Afterwards one of my little helpers decided that he would love to help me tidy his bedroom. This was done whilst Big Sister tackled her room by herself. I think she got much more enjoyment in dusting and polishing than actually doing anything else but hey the thought was there.

Tuesday was a lovely trip into the yorkshire Dales to visit my Sister and her family. Their half term was last week so her eldest was at school but it was so nice and we got to stay later than normal. The drive home was a little scary due to the fog. I was driving down a single car width track in very thick freezing fog. I think that I may have gone back but the roads are so narrow there is no where to turn your car. Anyway nearly two hours later we made it back home ( normally takes just over an hour!!!!)

I decided to finish off the 30 days during the holidays as there seems to be more happening at the moment, so I think I have another eight days or so and I have a couple of pictures on my daughters camera to upload when I find the cable.

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