Saturday, 23 February 2008

Childhood Sewing

The half term holidays have gone in a flash. On Monday all three of us will return back to our various schools. I am sad in one way but excited to be back at work. I dont care what I say I love it really (well just a little !!!!)
However today I decided that it was time I made a pathway to my litle craft corner in the bedroom so emabarked on a little tidy, you know the kind you wished you never started !! I came across these little gems tucked safely away in a box.

I made this at school when I would be about 12 or 13. I can remeber looking through Mums fabric stash on the top of the staircase choosing my fabrics. I was very proud of myself. Do you know, I love Log Cabin Quilting to this day. I would love to make a Log Cabin Quilt for my bed. Perhaps one day.

This I also made at about 12 or 13 at school. The Kitty Cat is made using fabric dye and a toothbrush and he (I dont know why but he is a HE)is naurally looking through the window.

I didnt choose to take textiles when it came to my options, I wish I had. It would have been a whole lot more useful that stupid cookery, just ask my long suffering Hubby about my LOVE for cooking....hehehehe

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Levin (and Emily) said...

I really don't remember doing sewing in school. In high school I did a term of sewing but I failed miserably - I managed to sew my pot holder to my uniform! You are lucky to have these reminders of your crafty beginnings.