Thursday, 7 February 2008

No Spend Month

Back in January I posted about the challenge of No Impulse Buying, well the month was a great success and I was very concious of the money that we had to spend. I dont nomally make large purchases, however if you think about the few pounds here for a magazine and a few pounds there they will soon add up. Did anyone join in with this?
The challenge for this month is No Spend Month, so like it says you cant spend any money. Mwaaaaaa How can I do this with a childs 9th Birthday looming? Well she has decided that for her birthday she would like to have her bedroom decorated so all we have to buy is the wallpaper (we use lining paper) and some lilac coloured paint so the actual amount spent should be very little I HOPE... Seriously though, I do agree that spending should be cut down but I am still going to make sure that my daughter has a wonderful birthday. Afterall you are only nine once.
If you want to have a look at the challenge follow the link .

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