Sunday, 24 February 2008

Sneaky Peak

Ok so here is a sneaky peak at what I am working on at the moment. I cant tell you what I am doing as i will spoil a surprise for a certain someone. I have been at the sewing machine this afternoon working on this little project. I dont like to work on more than one at a time, you know I have knitting on the go, a cross stitch chart and also a Rag Rug but you know that when inspiration hits you then you must act. i almost forgot, I picked this little gem up at a local Antique and Collectors fair today. Excuse the bad picture. It is Stewart Crystal and is now sitting by the window in my bedroom.


Levin (and Emily) said...

it looks intriguing. i can't wait to see the final product. i am currently making a bunny, a journal cover, crocheting a bag and knitting three scarves! nothing like a bit of variety.
i love the stewart crystal. it looks beautiful.
have a great week.

Jane said...

Hi Sarah, feeling much better thanks, i like your material and the pretty crystal pot. We had a lovely half term break too, Em had today off but i had to go in for training. Jane x

Jane said...

oops forgot to say that i have a bunny, monkey and sheep all on the needles at the moment! Jane x