Thursday, 7 February 2008

Out of the mouths of Babes !!!!

I was at work on Tuesday ( I work in a Primary School as a Teaching Assistant) I was minding my own business whilst putting up a display in the corridor. Walking along the corridor is a child from Y6 and her Teacher who is a supply Teacher. Here is the conversation I heard.

Child "Is she pregnant?"

Teacher " Shhh"

Child "Miss are you pregnant?"

Teacher "Dont be rude, now be quiet"

and off the go into a stock room to get some books. I look around and realise that the dear child was infact speaking to ME !!!! OH MY GOODNESS !!!!! NO I am not pregnant but obviously look it... AAARRRRGGGGGGG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I left work and ran to the supermarket to buy this DVD

Now I can see the funny side of hearing this conversation and the poor supply Teacher looked horrified but to think that I look pregnant when I am not. This needs drastic action so someone please call around and remove the bag of Walkers sensations from my hands. I am going to go and cry now....heheheheheheheheh

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