Thursday, 7 February 2008

Little Chef

I had to tell you about my Little Chef. This is my Six year old little boy who has nicknamed himself " Little Chef". His greatest claim is that he has eaten in Rick Steins Bistro in Padstow Cornwall and the person he admires most from the tv is not infact Ben 10, although he is pretty cool, it is yet again Rick Stein. My son loves to cook and bake and when he is after a little special time for himslef he likes to go to the Seafood Deli on our sea front and have a look at the fish. The people who work there will get live crabs and lobsters for him to have a look at. When we were in Cornwall on holiday his Daddy took him deep sea fishing, now picture this.

The boat was full of MEN and afew kiddies but Litle Chef was by far the youngest at aged 5. The sea was rough and the boat was going up and down and lots of the MEN looked rather queesy. His Daddy was thinking "Oh Dear, he aint gonna like this" but no my little fella stood there like a real MAN and took it in his stride. He had no problems with fishing and caught his own fish, he took them off the hooks himself and lets just say that he knew what to do with them as he was going to be bringing them back to shore. He even helped Daddy to gut and clean them. there was a man on the boat who didnt catch a thing and my five year old gave him some of his own catch to take back home.

I think he has a genuine love for cooking and ingredients, he is always in the kitchen looking for was to help and can list the ingredients needed for many of the dishes that we cook. His speciality are "Little Chef Sandwiches" he can make these without any supervision really and gets everything he needs and off he goes. Watch out Rick you have some competition.


Anonymous said...

What a doll! We should get him and Kailina together and have them make us luch one day. She love to cook and bake too and I bet together they would do something really neat, haha!

Jane said...

Wonderful, its lovely to hear of children who love cooking. i too like Rick Stein but i've never been to Padstow (i'd love to go) sorry i've missed some of your posts. i giggled at the pile of washing, during the week my wash basket looked as though the monster was trying to come out! still i've caught up today. Jane x

Sasha @ Cherished Moments said...

Isn't that sweet? My brother is a chef, and loves it.

As for laundry, I know how you feel -- tropical monsoon and a lack of an electric dryer are seriously cramping my laundry routine. Our lounge room looks like the local laundrette!

Levin (and Emily) said...

david and i loved the rick stein cooking shows - even though i hate seafood - he always managed to make it look good. i hope your son continues his love for cooking - my daughter managed to find enough passion to cook once in the holidays and then she had burned out! lol
my swap is almost ready - i just have to decide what to give you from my stash - none of it seems good enough! but, I will try very hard to post it tomorrow.