Sunday, 4 May 2008

The Early Bird

I woke up a about 6.30 this morning, which is not that early really but when you dont have to get up it seems so. Anyway I could not have asked for a better start as I was able to lie there listening to the birds calling one another and chatting like people over the garden fence. We are very fortunate here as we live by the sea but far enough away that the seagulls have not scared all the birds away ( if you go nearer the beach you wont see any birds other than seagulls), this means that we have lots and lots of birds that visit our neighbourhood. At the moment we have a Blackbirds nest in a Clematis on the back fence, there are Sparrows nesting in a bird box in the back garden and there are Starlings nesting in the roof of the front porch. I am also a new "Mummy" as the Starlings have chicks in there as you can hear then cheep cheep cheeping when you go out of the door.

I had a quick browse this morning a came across some pictures of some beautiful homes, they were American and it seems that you can get some nice things for your homes over there. One lady had taken a picture of a Yard Sale she had been to and some of the things people were getting rid of I would have snapped up in a flash, it puts ur local car boot sale to shame where all they sell is rubbish or they are traders selling a whole range of rubbish.
Today we are spending some time in the house trying to get it sorted, it has driven me mad recently with stuff all over the place and nowhere to put it. It has now got to the point where I really cant be bothered to do any of it and would rather be off doing other things. One of the problems I have apart from a house full of stuff , is what do you do with the stuff you no longer want? I have a daughter who wont get rid of ANYTHING, craft stuff everywhere and a garage full to the brim. I really cant be bothered with Ebay and dont like doing car boot sales, I guess that Freecycle it is then it will be off to the charity shop. Well it is 7.30 am so I had better go, catch you all later. Enjoy your holiday weekend.

Sarah x


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

I've been really enjoying watching the birds at home (we have a pair of goldfinches flitting between our garden and next door's - I think they are nesting in hers but keep shredding a hanging basket liner in mine for their nest!) and listening to them up at the allotment - it's so lovely!

Your tomatoes and strawberries are looking really good too - well ahead of mine!

Lucy x

Barbara said...

I agree it's lovely to lie in bed listening to the birds. I have house martins nesting in the eaves above my window and they are pretty chipper early on!


My Hubby has been getting up at and banging the window shut about 4.30am the last few mornings - the birds are so noisy - calling to one another as the greet the morn!
x Vicky x